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The Most Important Maintenance Items

Your main water shut-off valve and the pressure regulating valve are the first two plumbing items in your home. They are also the two most important. You need to know where your main shut off valve is located. And, it needs to be located in an accessible place. If there is ever a leak the first step is to shut off the main water valve. Then, you can manage the problem much easier.

Over time, these valves get stuck from non use. They should really be tested on a regular basis and replaced if necessary. Otherwise, if an unexpected leak occurs, you may have to wait for the city water department to come by and shut off the water in the street.

The pressure regulating valve will prevent pressure spikes that can damage your appliances like the ice maker, dishwasher and water heater.

Symptoms of high water pressure include:

You can test your system with a water pressure gauge, available at any home store for around $10. Simply attach the gauge to any male threaded faucet. The ideal pressure is around 70 PSI, and building codes in most areas specify that water pressure is under 80. If yours measures over 80 PSI, it needs to be fixed.

The local water district will sometimes check your water pressure at no charge by putting a gauge on an outside hose faucet. You don't even need to be home. If your water pressure is high, just call us to replace it. It's not an expensive repair and it will certainly extend the life of your appliances.

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We are your local team for all plumbing repairs, maintenance and upgrades. Our approach is to properly repair plumbing issues without unnecessary expenses or overcharges. We are very experienced with the local Denver area plumbing issues and how to cost effectively maintain and upgrade these systems.

Colorado Plumbing Solutions works with local developers and remodeling companies to create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms for both new homes and remodeling jobs.

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Our hot water heater started leaking and they were able to replace it the same day

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Had a water pressure issue. Found that the pressure control valve sticking and replaced it.

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Did a kitchen remodel and needed to move the dishwasher and change the piping.

Pat W

Had a leak start in the basement. Jon was able to trace it to a leaking joint and quickly fixed it.


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